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256All prices exclude VATLentoHigh back operators chair123 YEAR YEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANTY WARRANTY458 YEAR YEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANTY WARRANTYWARRANTYLH46-000-BHigh back & visitor - AsynchroOptionsLH43-000-BChrome baseLH40-C00+£40.00LH44-000-BSeat slideLH40-0S0 +£30.00LumbarCodeLH40-000 LH43-000 LH44-000 LH46-000Description No armsFixed arms Adjustable arms Folding armsRRP Band A £195.00 £195.00 £210.00 £210.00 £237.00 £237.00 £252.00 £252.00Band B £205.00 £221.00 £247.00 £263.00Band C £216.00 £231.00 £258.00 £273.00Pivot armsBand D £242.00 £258.00 £284.00 £300.00Band E £268.00 £284.00 £310.00 £326.00MechanismDimensions520 sw 430 bw670 owFinishCharcoal fabricGas lift adjustmentBack rake adjustmentBack height adjustmentIndependent Fixed loop seat tilt armsadjustmentHeight adjustable armsBlue fabricMade to order Bands A,B,C,D&E10 6 7 seat for additional comfort and supporYtE.ATRhe highYEAR YEARLento features a tulip shaped back design and largerback is designed and engineered to support users working at their desk for long periods of time, and this is complemented with a sumptuous high quality foam seat which can be adjusted to suit with the 3 levers.• High back operators chair• Asynchro mechanism provides free  oating back action,lockable seat and back• CMHR high resilience,  exible foam seats for enhancedcomfort• Available with no arms,  xed arms or folding arms • Weight capacity 150kg500 sd650 odCBWARRANTY WARRANTYLH40-00L +£30.00470-600 sh460 bh

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