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Sof iaAdjustable lumbar operators chair123 YEAR YEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANTY WARRANTYMechanismDimensions510 sw 510 bw645 owFinishCharcoal fabricGas lift adjustmentLumbar supportBack rake (tilt) adjustmentBack height adjustmentHeight adjustable armsBlue fabricAll prices exclude VATFABRIC TASK & OPERATOR 259SOF300T1-C £247.00Supreme comfort and classic design come togetherin the So a operators chair. With a pneumaticlumbar pad for ultimate comfort and a waterfall seatto reduce stress on the user’s knees by having adownward slope at the edge of the seat cushion,WARRANTYSo a will help you through those long hoursworking at the of ceWARRANTY WARRANTYWARRANTY• Pneumatic lumbar pad for enhanced back support • Adjustable nylon, soft padded arms• Waterfall seat for increased comfort• Weight capacity 115kg485 sd720 odCB458YEAR YEAR YEARWARRANTY WARRANTY10 6 7YEAR YEAR YEAR455-545 sh560 bh

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