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AABEECH(B) SILVERMAPLE(M) OAK(O) WHITEWHITE(WH)BCAAAALeft Hand Wave Desk B B AAAAABAAAAA BBBBBAA BBBTR10Integrated cable management - Silver or white cantilever frames Left Hand Managers DeskCODEB TWL12 TWL14 TWL16A B C RRP • Two cable access ports 1200 990 800 £347.00 C BBBT120BEECH(B) SILVERFRAME (S)1000 6B00 BC ABAWALBNUT(W) A BCODE A B C RRP• Two cable access ports• 3 drawer pedestal with shaped topTMEL 1800 1350 2000 £735.00 AAAAABEECH(B) MAPLE(M) OAK(O) WHITE(WH)WALNUT(W)RRPC SILVER B WHITE C FRAME (S) FRAME (W)BCDAAAAAAB Height: 725mm B CCRight Hand Managers DeskB CA A A•TwocableAaccessports AHeight: 725mm BCCODE AA• 3 drawer pedestal with shaped topAATMER 1800 1350 2000 BABBABABABBBBEECH(B) MAPLE(M) OAK(O) C CSILVER WHITE FRAME (S) FRAME (W)WHITE(WH) BWALNUT(W) CBAAAAA BDBADB C C Height: 725mm WHITE(WH) WALNUT(W) B£735.00BBBAA 1400 990 800 £357.00 B1600 990 800£378.00D MAPLE(M)C OAK(O) WHITE(WH)D B B Height: 725mm C C WALNUT(W) CBB B CCAAAAAABEECH(B) AAAAABABSILVER WHITE A A FRAME (S) AFRAME (W)B C C A B ACBBBABBBDBCCBBABRight Hand Wave DeskCCCCCCCODE A AB C RRP CB• Two cable accessB portsTWR12 1200 990 800 £347.00 A B BBAA AAAAAABB A A A A BTWR14 1400 990 800 £357.00AA A A A B A AB BCBBCBBBBATWR161A600 990 800 D£378.00BBSILVERWHITEB AAAAAFRAME (S) FRAME (W)A A BAAADDAACACABEECH(B) MAPLE(M) OAK(O) ABBCBCABACCBDBB 120 Degree Desk B B B CBCODE B A BB• Three cable access ports• 12B0 degree• Used forB3 person clusters BMAPLE(M) WHITEOAK(O) ACAB AB BAAAT120 X 3 2332 2020 AA£1260.00ABB Height: 725mm AAABABBA BA ABAAll prices exclude VATAAAABABBA36 B ABBBBRRPB £4B20.00 D BB BABB AAWHITE(WH) WALNUT(W)FRAME (W) A Height: 725mmAAAAAAABBAAB BBBBAAAAAA AAB B B B BDBB AAABB BCODEABBRRP AABA BA A A120 Degree Desk Cluster B B• GrAoup of three 120 degree desk B • Three cable access Cports• Used for 3 persBon clusters ADBB BAABFRAME (S)FRAME (W)A BA BBABAAAA ABBAB

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