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TMPBBEECH(B)426 6003 Drawers £283.00 3 Drawers £293.00• LockableAAAAAAAAA CDDCBCCBB BTR10Integrated cable management - Storage 2 and 3 Drawer MobBile Pedestals BCBCODE A B DRAWERS RRPR2M 426 600 2 Drawers £198.00 R3M 426 600 3 Drawers £198.00• R2M 1  ling drawer & 1 shallow drawer• Accepts both A4 & foolscap Files• Lockable• 2 shallow and 1  ling drawer• Accepts both A4 & foolscap  les A AMAPLE(M) AOAK(O)WHITE(WH) AWALNUT(W) AAC BSlim Line and Tall Mobile PedestalsCODE BA B TNMP A300 600Height: 725mmCB• TNMP Tall Narrow width pedestal • 2 shallow and 1  lingA drawerBB BBMAPLE(M) OAK(O)3 Drawer Mobile Steel PedestalCODEMP3A391B545RRP£230.00BSILVER (S) RAL 9006WHITE (WH) RAL 9016BB Height: 565mmB D • 5th castor on drawer fronBt for anti-tiltB120° AAABBBCBD-Ends - 1200 wideACODE ADESCRIPTION• D-end meeting table A A B A AAAD-Ends - 1600 wideAAAB• S - Silver leg BAB• W - White legBCODESME16S SME16WDESCRIPTIONRRP• Attaches with supplied brackets • Leg colour to match deskBEECH(B)MAPLE(M)OAK(O) WHITE(WH)WALNUT(W) AAD-Ends - CircularCODE A=DIAMETERECL 1200 ECW 1200BEECH(B) MAPLE(M)All prices exclude VATAB BBBCCCAAA• Castors A• R3M wBith 3 shallow drawersAAABEECH(B) MAPLE(M) OAK(O) WHITE(WH) WALNUT(W) A ABBBBDesk High PedestalHeight: 567mmRRP B A£283.00 £309.00CCODER25DH6 R25DH8BEECH(B)B AA B 426 600 426 800CB DD CCBB BBBD AAAASME12SSME12W A=1200 widBe, 400 deep £158.00B• Leg colour to match desk • Desk high A BDBBBEECH(B)MAPLE(M)OAK(O) WHITE(WH)WALNUT(W)• S - Silver leg • W - White legAA B• D-end meeting tableABB BB ABA=1600 wide, 400 deep A=1600 wide, 400 deep• Desk high A • S - Silver leg • W - White legBOAK(O)WHITE(WH)WALNUT(W) AABBABB • W - White leg BBBAB A BBDBA DESKING BA AAAAAABA ABBRRP• Attaches with supplied bracketsA=1200 wide, 400 deep £158.00 BBABB£179.00 £179.00 B BBBB RRP B 1045 £236.00 1045 £236.00B• Supplied with a silver or white post leg• Fits alongside 800mm depth desk edgesBB• Front castors have brake lock A BBABCAAABACAAA• Lockable A • CastorsABA CDDCBCCBB BAB • LockableABBA BABBA AC AABAADRAWERS RRP B ABAAB • CastorsAAAAAD AAABAAABWHITE(WH) WALNUT(W) BA • Tall mobile pedestalBA • TMP 2 shallow and 1  ling drawer AB CBCBABBBDD CCB • AcBcepts both A4 & foolscap Files BB HAeight: 630mmBB• Lockable • Castors• Fully locking• Accepts both A4 & foolscap  lesBB A B• 1  ling and 2 shallow drawersBAA BBAAAAAA• With castors• Ball bearing runners• S - Silver leg AAAABAA• W - White legA CADDCBACCBB BBBAAA AAAAAA• 25mm thick top •B S - Silver leg• S - Silver leg ABA• W - White leg 37A B Height: 725mm BAAABBCCB BCC C A A BBBBAAAA AABAAAAA BBB BBBACDDBCBBCCBBB B CCBBAA AAAAA AB AAAAAAA BBDBAAABBBB BBBBCB AAB BBBAA AAAAABAAAB BBBBDB BBBAB AAA ABBAA BBBBBA ABA BBABABACCCCCCC

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