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Maestro 25 Cantilever Leg SL Silver cantilever desks Left Hand Ergonomic DeskCODE25SEL14 25SEL16 25SEL18BEECH(B)A B C D RRP1400 600 1200 800 £342.00 1600 600 1200 800 £368.00 1800 600 1200 800 £417.00• Two cable access ports• Accepts one  xed pedestal on 800mm endAAAAA C Height: 725mm D D C B C C B BBEECH(B)MAPLE(M)OAK(O)WHITE(WH)B A CCBALeft Hand Wave DeskA£265.00£283.00BBB B25SWR161600 990 800MAPLE(M)OAK(O)WHITE(WH)WALNUT(W)Right Hand Ergonomic DeskBBBCODE25SER14 25SER16 25SER18A B C D RRP1400 600 1200 800 £342.001600 600 1200 800 £368.00BCODE ABC RRP• Two cable access ports B AB25SWL12 25SWL14 25SWL16BEECH(B)1200 990 8001400 990 800B• Accepts one  xed pedestal on 800mm endARight Hand Wave DeskB BBBBCODE25SWR1225SWR14ABCRRP£265.00£283.00• Two cable access ports A B• AcAcepts one  xed pedestal on 800mm endBABB1600 990 800B990 800990 8001AB A BA A2001400£297.00AAAABBD D A C C Height: 725mm BEECH(B) MAPLE(M) OAK(O) WHITE(WH) WALNUBT(W)BBA• Two cable access portsBAAAAAAWALNUT(W) D D Height: 725mm A B C A CB BBA CCAAABAAABAB BAABAAABBCDB BBCA AAAAAABA• Accepts one  xed pedestal on 800mm end1800 600 1200 800 £417.00 AAAA£297.00 B AAAAAAAB MAPLE(M) OAK(O) WHITDE(WH) WDALNUT(W) A B Height: 725mm C C B A AAC CAABABAB BBBCDBCBBABB BAC AAAAAAAACBCA ABABAADBAABBABABB DDCCBBCCBBBCBBB AAA A A A A A C BAA BAA2 and 3 Drawer FixeBd PedestalsB BBB BBB• 252F with 1  ling & 1 shallow drawer CODE A B DRAWERS RRP BBR2F 416 R3F 416590 2 Drawers A £123.00 • Lockable A590 3 Drawers £123.00 • Accepts both A4 & foolscap  lesBABAAABAAA ABB• 253F with 3 shallow drawersMAPLE(M) OAK(O) WHITE(WH) WALNUT(W) B • Lockable A ABEECH(B)B ABBAAAABABAABA BBDBBAll prices exclude VATAB AADESKING 53BBBDB AAABBBABBBBC ABHeight: 474mm A BBBABBBCAA BBAAA AABAAAB AABACCCCCABA

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