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CDDCBCCBB BElev8 Sit-Stand desking BBStraight Desk - Silver frameCCCODEABARRPAA AAAAEV12S EV14S EV16S EV18S1200 800 1400 800 1600 800 1800 800B£1050.00 £11B03.00 B £1155.00 £1260.00WALNUT(W)BBBBCBCBDBBBBEECH(B)• Adjustability from 635mm to 1285mmEV12WH EV14WH EV16WH EV18WH1200 800 1400 800 1600 800 A 1800 800B£1050.00£11B03.00 B£1155.00 A B B £1260.00BB WALNUT(W) ABBMAPLE(M) OAK(O)WHITE(WH)A AAA ASilver framAeA• Two cable access ports A A A A A DDBCCBABBStraight Desk - White frameBBCCCBB AACODEABARRPAA ABAAABEECH(B) MAPLE(M) OAK(O) WHITE(WH)BA BBB• Adjustability from 635mm to 1285mm White frame AAA• Two cable access ports A A A B A A BBAB DBWave Desk - Silver frameCB AACODE AA B C A RRPEV12SWL EV14CSWL EV16SWLALeft hand CAC BB A1200 990 800£1200.00D DA 1400 990 800B£1300.00 A C1600 990 A800A BBBB CA A £12C50.00 B BBBB ACODEAABCARRPA AA1200 990 800 1400 C990 800B 1600 990 800£1200.00EV12SWRAAA BBABAD DC C Right hand £1250.00EV14SWR EV16SWRB ACAAACAABBACCCCBBCODE A B C RRPBA BAB DBC£1300.00BBCEV14WHWR 1400 C990 800B EV16WHWR 1600 990 800Right handB BABWave Desk - White frameAll prices exclude VATABABBBA DESKING 9 BAB BBEECH(B) MAPLE(M) OAK(O) WHAITE(WH)B WALNUT(W) B• Adjustability from 635mm to 1285mm B • Two cable access ports A BBSilver frameBBBA BBADBEV12WHWL EV14CWHWL EV16WHWL1200 990 800 1400 D990 D800£1200B.00 £12C50.00 £1300.00A B B Left handC CBBACODEB ABC BRRPEV12WHWR 1200 990 800 D£1200.00BB A• Adjustability from 635mm to 1285mm WhAite frame • Two cable access ports A BBABBB C C £1250.00ABBNEWAAAAAA BBBBBA BAAAABA AAABBBC A AAAAAAAAAAAAAABBD B AACAABBA A AB A A ADB1600 990 800BCBCAB AAAACAABCAAB£1300.00AABNEWBEECH(B) MAPLE(M) B OAK(O) WHITE(WH)B WALNUT(W) B B B BABBBAAAAAAA BABBBBBA BAAABAAABBAB DBA ABBBABBAB AAAACAAAAAACAABB

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