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sYEAR YEAR YEARFiling Cabinets by Bisley 4 5 YEAR YEARWARRANTY WARRANTYFiling cabinets offer a smooth, stylish and functional storage solution for every of ce environment. Strong and built to last, the  lingcabinets have a fully welded carcass making them extremely robust, with resistance-free slides and an anti-tilt operation for safeease of use. Fully extendable drawers allow for easy access and in your absence, the cabinet can be locked for security.WARRANTYWARRANTY WARRANTY WARRANTY10 6 7YEAR YEAR YEARWARRANTY WARRANTYFiling CabinetsGCODEDEF2DEF3W470470D622H711RRP£237.006221016£268.00DEF44706221321£294.00COFFEE/ GOOSE BLACK CREAM GREY (K)rey GoosGereGyreySilveGrooGsoeose CSoilfvfSeeirlveCrreamCofCfeoeff (C) Grey (G) GreGyrey3eCereCarmeam355 3535 35ioSnuspenAsnitoi-nTilt FilingTakes s Internals100% ELxotcSekunisnspigoensioSnuAsDnprteia-nT1ws0ielit0or%n Exten1s0ioL0no%ckEinxAgtentni-sTioiltn DraSAwunestrip-LTeoincltskinogn 1LD0or0ac%wkienErgxtensionDrawAernti-TiltLockingDrawer CapacityColours AvailableKG KG KG KG KGFiling CFailpinagcity CapacitFyiling Capacity• Designed for suspension  ling• Fully welded carcass without bolts or rivets for greater strength • Mastered lock (200 different combinations)Capacity• Hardwearing textured paint  nishwith shelves InCteorlnoaulrss• Approved to BSEN 14074Takes Supplied Su•pAplpiepdIrnotevrenadlsto BTaSkEewsNith1s4h0e7lv3esPSaurtp2pli&ed3Takes ColouInrtsernalsAvailableSuppliedAvailablewith shelvesColours AwvaitihlasbhleelvesColours AvailableDEF3DEF48YEAR WARRANTYAll prices exclude VAT111DEF2STEEL

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