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Anti-TiltLockingWith Shelves80% OpeningDrawer Capacity45 KGBC72SBC78CBC78GDrawerShelfCapacityCapacityCards118All prices exclude VATContract Cupboards10 6 7 YEAR YEAR YEARBisley Contract CupboardsCODE WDH RRPBC40BC72BC78BCSLFCoffee / Cream914 400 1000 914 400 1806 914 400 1968 Extra shelfCoBflfuee / Cream mpG3rey locker white£305.00 £363.00 £447.00£41.00mp3 silverCOFFEE/GOOSEBLACK SILVER mp3 mp3 BlaccdBhkaolalukcltkon BlueBlubeismleyobilemp3 mgpo3omseobile chalkGreyBlackmpB3lack silverBlue lockermp3 whitemobilebisley silver grey wbhisitley lockleorcskilevberirsley grebyisley white bisley bisleydoultoCn offCeoeff/beCiesrl/eayCmreamGrgeyoGoresyemobileCREAM GREY (C) (G)(K)(S) whitewhite silversilver bisley goosesilver/ grey/ beech oxfordblue mobmileobile mobmileobile• AssembledWhite • Shelves suppliebldue White doudltonulton bislebyisley googsoeosegoose grey/ oxfordbisley silver/ beechbisley silver/ silverchaclkhalk•b3islebpyisloeyintsliolvescrilvker greygrey whitwehite bislebyisley bislebyisleybisley • Approved to BSEN 14073 Parts 2&silv3er/bislebyisley silvesri/lver/ beebcheechbislebyisley silvesri/lver/ silvesrilverBC40KAvailable• Approved to BESN 1gr4eyg0/re7y/4 oxfoorxdfordReder WhiWtehiteblueblue RedSilverCoffee Cream35Red KGRed SilverSilverCoffee CrCeaomffee CreamTakesDrInatweernrals CapacityColours AvailableSilvCoffee CreamgoogsoeosesilverContract double door cupboards are designed to be used in the most demanding of of ce environments and are an essential part of the workplace. Boasting a fully welded carcass for increased strength and stability with height adjustable shelves and a three point locking system for unrivalled security, contract cupboards offer  exible and secure storage to meet all of ce requirements.458 YEAR YEAR YEARWARRANTY WARRANTYWARRANTYWARRANTY WARRANTYWARRANTY

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