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122All prices exclude VATMulti Drawers 4 5 8 YEAR YEAR YEARWhiteWhhitiete White blue bblulueeBisley Multi DrawersCODE WDH RRPB5MD 279 380 325 B10MD 279 380 590Coffee / CreamCooffefee//CrereaamCmoffee / Cream Blue Bmlulpue3e£116.00mmpp33 mp3 Grey BGlGarcerekyy BGlalraeccykk Black silver ssilvilveerr silverB15MD279 380860279.00SILVERDOULTONGREYCHALKdoulton bisley• 5,10,15 drawersbddiosouleultylotonngdbboisiouslesletyeoyncgbhgoiasolkoessyeechalkmoobbiliele whitebbisisleleyygoose bisley grey/ silver/ oxfordbeech bluemoobbileiele bbisisleleyymobile bisleybisley silver/ beechbisley silver/ silver(S)cgchohaaolmklskeobilesbbiilsvisleleryy gbssrilseivlvlyeeryrwgsghirlerviteyeyrwgwhrheitiybeteisleyBLUE(G)WHITE• Chrome handle design(B)(W)gooseggooossee ggrereyy// ooxxfofordrdgrey/oxfordlockerlolocckkeerrhite• Individual drawer label holders bisley• Multi-compartmental insert trays fosilvrers/ mallssiilivltver/rm/ s• A sound solution for of ce storage and beyondRed Silver Coffee RCerRedaemd SilSveilvrer CoCffoefefeeRCerCdearemam Silver Coffee Creamwhitewbbisisleleyy ssilivlveer/r/ bbeeecchhMulti-drawers offer excellent storage capacity with a range of 5, 10 and 15 drawer cabinets designedspeci cally for the small of ce or home of ce market. The neat multi-drawer design is enhanced by abrilliant choice of colours which will give an injection of cool in any home environment when placed either on top of or under a work surface.WARRANTYBmmplmu3pep33 wwhhitiete locker£bbisisleleyy silver ssilivlveerr£195.00B5MD B10MDB15MDYEAR YEAR YEARWARRANTY WARRANTYWARRANTYWARRANTY WARRANTYWARRANTY10 6 7YEAR YEAR YEARWARRANTY WARRANTY

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