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Safes Home / O ceDeliveryAll safes are priced delivered to ground  oor (NO STEPS) Please check delivery prices prior to placing order.KEYFIRE PROTECTION RATING Paper documentsSS1181KSS1181ESS1182KSS1182ESS1183KSS1183EFS1271EFS1272E350450450450450350350EXTERNAL DIMS35243322055055055055042027037037037026020025025025030414027027047047032015 KG15 KG25 KG25 KG37 KG37 KG26 KG36 KGINTERNAL DIMSW DDDATA SWECTION ONLY EXTERNAL DIMSFSFDIRPEI08 PROTECTION RATING Fire resistance dataFIRE DATA SWECATIEORN ONLRYECOFSM2M24E0NEDEDFDSR22O4P0E TESTEDFS2240K OPTIO7 LITRESPROTECTION RATING Fire resistance digital mediaRESISTANTINSURANCE RATINGFITTED WITH ELECTRONIC CLOCKFITTED WITH ALARMOSPST1I1O8N0AKL FITTED WITH FINGERPRINT LOCKSS1180EFITTED WITH KEY LOCKOPTIONALFITTED WITH CHANGEABLE KEY LOCKCompact Home Of ceThe SS0720E Security Safes are ideal for use at home or in the of ce for storage of valuables and cash.• Security Protection – Recommended for overnight cash cover of £1,000 cash or £10,000 valuables.• Locking – Simple to use with their advanced ‘user-friendly’ digital lock.FortressThe Phoenix Fortress is designed and tested to the latest and prestigious European EN14450 – S2 test standards for Security Protection.• Security Protection – Tested to the prestigious European S2 Security standard (EN14450) giving cash cover of £4,000 or Valuables cover of £40,000• Locking – Fitted with a high security double bitted VDS class 1 keylock (SS1180K series) or high securityTitan IIThe Phoenix Titan II is a modern, compact,  re and security resistant safe designed to meet the need for residential and business use.• Fire Protection (Paper) – Tested to the International NT Fire 017 – 60  re test standard, at the Swedish SP Testing Centre providing 60 minutes  re protection for paper documents.• Fire Protection (Digital Media) – Tested to MTC – DIP120 – 60DMA  re test standard,providing 60 minutes  re protection for digital media, DVD’s, USB’s and memory sticks.SS1180KSS1180EOPTIONALCODEWD170HWDHWEIGHTCAPACITYRRP£137.003007 LITRES24 LITRES24 LITRES42 LITRES£854.00£635.00£1040.0035042 LITRES£821.00350370250£1258.00INTERNAL DIMSCODEW410D342H308W330D225H220WEIGHTCAPACITY16 LITRESRRP£416.0025 LITRES£493.00FS1273E40444052230030041053 KG36 LITRES£602.00EXTERNAL DIMSINTERNAL DIMS126All prices exclude VATSS0721ESS0722ESS0723E2303103502501702002502283063461201502101601962463 KG6 KG8 KG4 LITRES2008.5 LITRES18 LITRES£164.00£219.00EXTERNAL DIMSINTERNAL DIMSCODEW350D300H220W270D200H140WEIGHTCAPACITYRRP£411.00

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