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Vibe Floor screens 1200 High Floor ScreenCODEVB208VB210W8001000D4040H1200Band A£200.00Band B£250.00Band C£300.001200£210.00£260.00£310.00VB212VB214VB2161200160040404012001200£220.00£270.00£320.001400£230.00£280.00£330.001200£240.00£290.00£340.00Made to orderBands A,B&CMade to order coloursSupplied with feet1500 High Floor ScreenCODEVB508VB510VB512VB514W80010001400D40404040H15001500Band A£220.00Band B£270.00Band C£320.001500£230.00£280.00£330.001200£240.00£290.00£340.001500£250.00£300.00£350.00VB5161600401500£260.00£310.00£360.00Bands A,B&CMade to orderMade to order coloursSupplied with feet1800 High Floor ScreenCODEVB808VB810VB812VB814W800100012001400D40404040H18001800Band A£250.00Band B£300.00Band C£350.001800£260.00£310.00£360.00£270.00£320.00£370.001800£280.00£330.00£380.00VB8161600401800£290.00£340.00£390.00Bands A,B&CMade to orderMade to order coloursSupplied with feetDesigner Screen Feet• 40mm thickness• Made to order, design of ce screens, available in a multitude of colour options• Hand crafted, exposing the edge of the stitch detail on a radius corner to produce a screen which is elegant, modern and stylish • Improve the layout and function of any of ce• Comes with adjustable grey feet as standard• Stylish  at disc feet available as an optional extra in white or silverCODEDescriptionRRPVFT1-WHWhite foot - pair£50.00VFT1-SLSilver foot - pair£50.00All prices exclude VAT139SCREENS

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