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Fabrics ScreensAs well as these screen speci c fabrics, chair fabrics can be also used on desk top screens, call you sales advisor for more information140Due to printing differences, if colour is critical we recommend ordering a fabric sample. More fabric options are available, please refer to supplier websites.All prices exclude VATEJ169 CLANEJ138 BLACKEJ189 RONAYEJ015 CARRONEJ011 WALTENBand AS120 REDS119 BISCUITS125 BLACKS148 CHARCOALS151 CLARETBand AFHR02 VOICEFHR03 BEATFHU08 VOCALFHR06 AUDIOFHU04 MUSICFHU10 CHIMEFHR05 AMPEJ004 GLASSEJ105 DOLPHINEJ173 AUSTENEJ186 FAIR ISLEEJ197 LOSSIEEJ191 SHETLANDEJ190 HILLSWICKS129 GINGERS104 MIDNIGHTS127 MOONSTONES150 SMOKE GREYS118 RUBYS102 SEA BLUES121 SKY BLUECamira CaraBradburyCamira SonusBand BScreen 66

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