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Accessories Optional Handles Optional handlesCODEDESCRIPTIONRRPCHBow handle£9.00PDPolka Dot handle£9.00CTRSquare handle£9.00BHTubular handle£9.00CH Handle Standard Cable Management TrayAll handles have the same  xings and can be used to replace existing handles to change the look of the of ce. 96mm hole centres.CH Handles supplied as standard on all cupboards excluding home of ce ranges.PD Handle CTR Handle BH Handle• Drop down cable management tray• Wire cable tray drops to expose cables • Fitted with plastic end covers• Silver  nishCODEDESCRIPTIONRRPWB0800-SWidth: 800mm£62.00WB1000-SWidth: 1000mm£68.00WB1200-SWidth: 1200mm£74.00WB1400-SWidth: 1400mm£77.00Note: Specify sizes shorter than desk size eg: 1600 desk use WB1400-SCable SpinesSimple attractive solution to carry cables from  oor to desk. Unique rotating desk  xing, attractive oval shaped segments. Large weighted base for extra stability. Segregated cable spine 760mm length. Complete with  xing screws.Available in Grey, Black or Opaque.CODEDESCRIPTIONRRPROSP-GRGrey 760mm long£50.00ROSP-BLBlack 760mm long£50.00ROSP-OPOpaque 760mm long£50.00All prices exclude VAT145ACCESSORIES

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