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Accessories Cable Management & Power Management Under Desk Power ModulesCODEDESCRIPTIONRRPPMK205-E2 UK Sockets£44.00PMK405-E4 UK Sockets£50.00All power modules supplied feature a unique spare fuse incorporated into each and every socket.Under Desk Data ModulesData Modules come complete with 3m leads. Modules can also be connected directly to Under Desk Power Modules.Mains Starter and Connector LeadsMains Leads with UK 3 pin plug to 3 pole connector.Connector Leads, male 3 pole connector to Female 3 pole connector.Desktop Power & Data ModulesStandard colour black/silvergrey/silver and white/silver available on requestAll power modules feature a unique spare fuse incorporated into each and every socket. Desk top modules feature a unique multi-position  xing bracket.All with 1 x Neon switch, individually fused UK sockets.Through Desk Aero Flip ModulesStandard colour grey/silver white/silver available on requestAero  ip modules - distinctive low pro le, modules can be con gured with power and data options.Add Main Starter or Connector lead as required Not supplied with any leadsCODEDESCRIPTIONRRPPMK-DH-2-32 x RJ45 Cat5e 3m£91.00PMK-DH-4-34 x RJ45 Cat5e 3m£104.00CODEDESCRIPTIONRRPML3M-BMains Lead£37.00DCL15M-B1.5m Connector Lead£31.00CL3M-B3m Connector Lead£36.00CODEDESCRIPTIONRRPDTK2PINF/1S2 x UK£55.00DTK2PINF/1S/2D2 x UK, 2 x RJ45£60.00DTK4PINF/1S4 x UK£78.00DTK4PINF/1S/2D4 x UK, 2 x RJ45£84.00CODEDESCRIPTIONRRPAPD2PINF/1S2 x UK£108.00APD2PINF/1S/2D2 x UK, 2 x RJ45£132.00146All prices exclude VAT

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