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FLXG8 FLXG12 FLXG14 FLXG16 FLXG188001200 C 1400 1600 1800800 £103.00A AA CDDBCCBBB CCBBBMeeting room tables Flexi tables, economy - Graphite & silver legBBARectangular Flexi-Table with Graphite FrameBBBCODE AA AAA4800mm 7200mmBEECH(B)Rectangular Flexi-Table with Silver Frame1200mm Dia4800mm 7200mmCODE A BBA 2400mm4000mm AAAABAAAFLXS8 FLXS12 FLXS14 FLXS16 FLXS18800 800 1200 800 1400 800 1600 800 1800 800B£103.00£115.002500mm AB BDB 6000mmB RRP A2400mmA 4A000mm800 £115.00 BC C7200mmB 2000mm 180 4000mm 6000mmMAPLE(M) OAK(O) ACODE A B C ARRPD D1800mm800 £130.00 800 £151.00B BBB1800mm 4800mm AC2000mm 180 2400mm3000mm 1800mmAA3000mmA A800 £123.00 C B 4800mm B BB A BB 2400mm BAB B Height: 725mmAAMAPLE(M) OAK(O) AARRP AAAAA£123.00 £130.00 £151.007200mm B Flexitables:A A 1200mm DiaC1145mm Diameter4000mm B 6000mmA5600mm 1145mm DiameterBBBB Height1:20702m5mmDmia B BBBB1200mm Dia 2500mmABAA2000mm 1800CCAll prices exclude VATTABLES 163BEECH(B)Trapezoidal Flexi-Table with Graphite FrameBA BFLXGTBEECH(B)AB 1600 694 800 £230.00ADMAPLE(M)OAK(O)Flexitables:Trapezoidal Flexi-Table with Silver FrameCODE A B C ARRPA A BFLXSTBEECH(B)1600 694 800£230.00MAPLE(M)OAK(O)B Flexitables:AA ABBAB BBASemi Circular Flexi-Table with Graphite FrameACA AACODEFLXGSBEECH(B)A B RRP1600 800 £230.00 AMAPLE(M) OAK(O)AASemi Circular Flexi-Table with Silver FrameAAFLXSSBEECH(B)1600 800A£230.00BAMAPLE(M)OAK(O)B BBABB BSample Conf igurationsAABBHeight: 725mmBA2500mmAA6000mm 1145mm Dia5m6e0t0emrmBBCBBB2500mm A5600mBm AA1145mm Diameter5600mmFlexitables:BBB A ABBGraphite2 x FLXG166 x FLXGT RRP £1640.00Silver2 x FLXS166 x FLXST RRP £1640.00Graphite2 x FLXGS2 x FLXG16 RRP £720.00Silver2 x FLXSS2 x FLXS16 RRP £720.00BGraphite6 x FLXGT RRP £1380.00Silver6 x FLXST RRP £1380.00Graphite2 x FLXGS RRP £460.00Silver2 x FLXSS RRP £460.00Graphite2 x FLXG163 x FLXGT RRP £950.00Silver2 x FLXS163 x FLXST RRP £950.00Graphite3 x FLXGT RRP £690.00Silver3 x FLXST RRP £690.00B BBB BHeight: 725mm B BAA ABBABACODEABRRP A AA ABAC CBAB Height: 725mm AACBHeight: 725mmA

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