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Adapt II - Additional storage - Screen accessories & additional storage Screen Accessories PackCODESCRN-PACK-WH SCRN-PACK-SDESCRIPTIONPack - White Pack - SilverRRP£86.00 £86.00Pack contains:Pen holder, A4 paper tray, phone holder, name holderAAAAAACDDCBCCBB B C2 and 3 Drawer MobBile PedestalsBACODE AR2M 426 R3M 426B DRAWERS RRP• R2M 1  ling drawer & 1 shallow drawerBEECH(B)MAPLE(M)BWALNUT(W)BB600 600AOAK(O)2 Drawers £198.00 3 Drawers £198.00• Accepts both A4 & foolscap Files• Lockable• Lockable • CastorsAWHITE(WH)• Castors A• R3M wBith 3 shallow drawersAAAHeight: 567mmAAAAAAA CDDCBCCBB BDesk High Pedestal C AACODEAB RRP• 2 shallow and 1  ling drawerB • Accepts both A4 & foolscap  lesR25DH6 R25DH8BEECH(B)B 426 600 426 800B£283.00 £309.00• Lockable BDBCODE A BA TNMP 300 TMP B 426B DRAWERS RRP600 3 Drawers A£283.00 600 3 Drawers £293.00BOAK(O) WHITE(WH) WALNUT(W)B• TNMP Tall Narrow width pedestalAMAPLE(M)BOAK(O) AWHITE(WH)WALNUT(W) AABBAAAAABA CAAA A BBBBBHeight: 725mmA A B AAABABAADDBCCB CACABBBSlim Line and Tall Mobile PedestalsCCB• 2 shallow and 1  ling drawerB A A AA• Lockable B • CastorsABBBCCCCODEMP3SILVER (S) RAL 9006All prices exclude VATBA B391 545 BRRP B £230.00• Fully locking A BDBEECH(B)MAPLE(M)BAABB • TMP 2 shallow and 1  ling drawer B3 Drawer Mobile Steel PedestalAA AAAAA A• Tall mobile pedestalB B A 120°BBB C Height: 565mmWHITE (WH) B RAL 9016 A• 5th castor on drawer front for anti-tilt B • Front castors have brake lockCB CABAAAD AAAAAAAB BBABAB • Accepts both A4 & foolscap Files CA A • Lockable A B A B A A• CastorsHeight: 630mmB DDBCCBBBCCBB CBBAABAAB• Accepts both A4 & foolscap  les A• 1A ling anBd 2 shallow draBwersB• With castors A A A A• Ball bearing runners A B BABABAB BBABCABAAB ABABBBAAAAA BBABBBDBAABBDESKING 23

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