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FabricsThere are a wide choice of fabrics available and it is important that you select the right fabric for the application as well as creating the perfect  nish to the chairs.Environmentally Friendly FabricsThere are a growing number of options available for those looking for an eco-friendly fabric solution. Wool, bast  bres and recycled polyester are at the forefront of this development and o er not only excellent environmental credentials but also excellent design choice.High wool content/100% woolIt’s natural and renewable and has been aroundfor millions of years. And it will be here long afterthe oil-based synthetics have gone. But it’s not just environmental, it’s the best performance  bre there is, with multiple smart abilities which have never been matched by man-made  bres. It has a microscopic armour like coating that preserves its beautiful appearance for longer. It has natural crimp which prevents  attening and resists wear, while its luxurious drape and stretch make it the perfect accompaniment to the curves and contours of sculptured furniture shapes.It enjoys a natural cell structure, making it a “feel good” breathable  bre which can absorb and evaporate moisture for total user comfort. And it’s  re safe thanks to its high moisture and nitrogen content, it’s di cult to ignite, forms a char against  aming andin a severe  re situation will not melt, drip or give o  toxic fumes.Key bene ts:• Rapidly renewable• Grown, not man-made• Totally biodegradable• Low energy footprint• Low CO2 impact• Appearance retention• Inherently soil hiding• Does not attract dust & dirt • Stretch and recovery• Breathable• Insulating• Fire retardantBast FibresRenewable  bres include nature’s most well-known environmental textile, pure new wool, and bast  bres from plants such as nettles and hemp. Because they’re protein or plant based, they will decompose fully for back to earth compostability.Bast  bres occur in the structural material of a plant. They are located between the outer bark (epidermis) and the central woody core. The  bres are extracted using an environmentally preferable mechanical decortication process instead of separating them from the woody core by soaking them in chemicals or water. They can be used on their own, but are the perfect accompaniment to pure new wool. Most bast  bres are strong and elastic making them ideal asa textile  bre. They also have in-built  re retardant properties. When blended with wool, they create an unrivalled naturally  re retardant fabric which meets the main UK contract  ammability standard (Crib 5medium Hazard) without any chemical FR treatment.Recycled PolyesterWe’re all learning to recycle more rather than throwing things to land ll. Polyester is made by reactingtwo petro-chemicals together, ethylene glycoland dimethyl naphtalate, to create polyethylene terephthalate (PET). It’s the same material used to make plastic drinks bottles which are produced and discarded in massive volumes. Allied to this post- consumer waste is a mass of post-industrial waste created by manufacturers before their PET products ever get to consumers. Both forms of waste are used to make recycled polyester fabrics, removing the need to drill, re ne and transport crude oil, separating it into petro-chemicals and adding other additives to turn it into the  bre that can be weaved.Life cycle assessment conclusively demonstrates that fabrics manufactured from 100% recycled polyester have signi cantly less environmental impact than those manufactured from virgin polyester.Fabric Bands and RecommendationsNot all fabrics are suitable for soft seating / reception seating. Opposite shows all fabrics grouped in the relevant pricing bands together with recommended usage. We cannot guarantee the  nish of any chair that is ordered in fabric that is not recommended for that application.12YEAR YEAR Y WARRANTY WARRANTY WASeating GuaranteesAll seating products are guaranteed for a period related to the usageand the structural capability of the chair.Regardless of usage, all seating products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects, except for upholstery, castors and mechanisms which are subject to usage relatedwear and tear. The suggested maximum weight loading and hourly usage should notbe exceeded. The guarantee is e ective from the day the chair leaves the factory and the supplier reserves the right not to apply the guarantee in cases of inappropriate use or when the chair has been tampered with by a third party or interventions by non- authorised personnel.13 45YYEYEAEARARR YEAR Y112YYEYEAEARARR WWAWRARARARNARATNYNTYTYYYEYEAEARARR WWAWRARARARNARATNYNTYTY3452234510 648YEAR YEAR YWARRANTY WAWWAWRAWRARARRNARRATNAYNTNYTTYYWARRANTY WAYYEYEAEARARR WWAWRARARARNARATNYNTYTYYYEYEAEARARR WWAWRARARARNARATNYNTYTY858YYEYEAEARARRWARRANTY WWAWRARARARNARATNYNTYTYSeating Guarantees - Made to Order All products that show this symbol are made to your speci cation and to order. It is ourpolicy that once these products have been ordered they cannot be cancelled.16711000667324All prices exclude VATYYEYEAEARARR WWAWRARARARNARATNYNTYTYYYEYEAEARARR WWAWRARARARNARATNYNTYTY7YYEYEAEARARR WWAWRARARARNARATNYNTYTY3E R8E R7E R

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