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Fabric Agua - Stretch Band CFeatures & Bene tsMarket Sectors : Of ce, Break Out, Hospitality, HealthcareComposition Abrasion Resistance Flammability2% PU, 78% PVC, 1% Elastane, 19% Polyester. >400,000 MartindaleBWleaBatlecerhapcrhoof CleCalneabnlaebleMeMdieudmium HazHaarzdardAnAti-nMtii-cMroicbrioabl ial WaWteartperroporfoof StaSintAaRninteiRs-Miesistcairsnottabniatl BS EN 1021 - 1 :2006 0 & 1, BS 7176 Crib 5 Medium Hazard, IMO Annex part 8,M2AFSinrtFetaii-iRrMneeiRcRtaererostdbaiasirantdaltanntt WateBrpleroaochf CriCbr5ib 5 CleanableStainFRiresRisetanrdt a Crib 5Bleach CleanableTERRACOTTACORNFLOWER NAVYPLUM CHESTNUTFabric Fresh Vinyl Band AFeatures & BenTEALAPPLESANDGRAPHITEFWireatRereptarordoaf nt Stain Resistant Crib 5ROSEBLACKNote  ammability performance is dependent on foam usedWaterproofAnti-microbial Resistant to microbial and fungal growth including Salmonella, E.Coli and MRSA Colour Matching Batch to batch variations in shade may occur within commercial tolerances.OffOicfefice SofStoftChaCihrsairsSeaSteinagtingMeMdieudmium HazHaarzdardAnti-Microbial WOaftfOeicrfepfircoeof Stain RSeosfSitsotfatnt AntBi-lMeaicrhobial ChaCihrsairs SeaSteinagting Cleanablee ts334All prices exclude VAT74465 OCEAN72123 ZEST*Tested in accordance with BS 2543:1995/2004. Further information available on request.00110 NERO 51809 ATOMIUM 65105 RASPBERRY 24638 SUNRISEBleach CleanableFire Retardant Crib 5ntComposition Abrasion FlammabilityLight FastnessRub Fastness VeslicMaintenance Colour MatchingPVC-CO (78% -22%)ISO 5470-2 In excess 40.000BS 5852 sources 0 & 1, EN 1021-1-2 part 1 & 2 BS 5852 source crib 5IMO A.652(16) Cigarette & Match NF-P92-503, M2EN ISO 105-B02 6+ gradeISO 11640. 1000 rubs felt dry no staining, 1000 rubs felt wet no change1000 rubs felt with no damage, alkaline perspiration solution ISO 11641Clean with a damp soapy sponge and lukewarm water. Only use alkaline free soap. Batch to batch variations in shade may occur within commercial tolerances.

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