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CODE A BR2M 426 600 R3M 426 600ABEECH(B) MAPLE(M) OAK(O)DRAWERS RRP2 Drawers £198.00 3 Drawers £198.00AHeight: 567mm• R2M 1  ling drawer & 1 shallow drawer• Accepts both A4 & foolscap Files• LockableBDesk High PedestalAAACODER25DH6 B R25DH8AA B RRP • 2 shallow and 1  ling drawer A BABAAABEECH(B)MAPLE(M)BWALNUT(W) AA BA BA BA BABACODE AB B TNMP 300A 600 TMP 426 600DRAWERS RRP3 Drawers £283.00 3 Drawers A£293.00B• TNMP Tall Narrow width pedestal • 2 shallow and 1  ling drawerAAAAAA CDDCBCCBB BVivo IICable managed desking - Additional storage 2 and 3 Drawer MobBile Pedestals BCCB BBEECH(B) MAPLE(M) OAK(O)ADBCODEDMP2 DMP3BEECH(B)A426 426BMAPLE(M)CBA600 600DRAWERS2 Drawers 3 DrawersBRRP• With metalbox drawer• Solid 18mm drawer baseB AWHITE(WH) WALNUT(W) B ABBWHITE(WH) A• TMP 2 shallow and 1  ling drawerA• Castors A• R3M wBith 3 shallow drawersAAAA• Lockable A • CastorsBB A CDDCBCCBB BB426 600 426 800£283.00 £309.00• Accepts both A4 & foolscap  les B • LockableBBAOAK(O) AWHITE(WH)AB CAABDBA A ABHeight: 725mm B DDBCCBBCCBB Slim Line and Tall Mobile Pedestals CCAA• DMAP2 with 1 shallow, 1  ling draAwerAAB• LocAkable B • CastorsB AAA AAABBAAABWALNUT(W) AAAABABBD D A • Lockable C C B C B AAA CCBBBBB• Tall mobile pedestal A B • Accepts both A4 & foolscap FilesABAABB Height: 630mm • Castors C 2 and 3 Drawer Deluxe Mobile Pedestals B BCBBB£296.00 A£296.00AAA ABADBAA• DMP3 with 3 shallow drawersA B B • Fully lockingB • DMP2 accepts both A4 & foolscap  lesAAACCCCCCC42BABA C All prices exclude VAT3 Drawer Desk High Deluxe PedestalBEECH(B)CMAPLE(M)OAK(O)ABAB • Handles optional BBAA AB ABOAK(O) ABABAAAABADDHeight: 725mmBB3 Drawer Mobile Steel PedestalCODEMP3SILVER (S)A B391 545 B B 120° BARRP A£230.00• FullAy locking A A A B • Accepts both A4 & foolscap  lesA • 1  ling and 2 shallow drawersBBABDBAWHITE (WH)B • Ball bearing runnersCAAABB A B• Handles optional B BBBACC BB DDCAHeight: 725mmC B B B B A A B ACCBA B • Fully locking A ABBCODEABRRP AAAP63 426 600AA A£324.00£356.00• MetAalbox drawer surrounds ABBP83 B426 800BB • 18mm solid drawer baBse DAB BBAAA• Accepts both A4 & foolscap  lesBBBAAABP63:600mmAdeep,designedto tat600mAm Bside of ergonomic desk. B CA CBCP83: 800mm deep, deAsigCned toC t alongside BBBAAall 800mmB deep desks. B AABA ABC BBAB BBA • With castors A B B A A BRAL9006RAL9016 BBBA • 5th castor on drawer front for anti-tiltAA ABBCBCAAHeight: 565mmA• Front castors have Abrake lock BBB BB AAAABAAA BABB B DBAAABBAB ABBAA

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