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Maestro 25 ‘H’ Frame Leg SL Silver ‘H’ frame desksBEECH(B)All prices exclude VATBMAPLE(M)AAADBAAAB ABBBBBAB B Height: 725mm B B A B BStraight deskCDDCBCCBB BC CCODE AB M8S 800 M10S 1000 M12S 1200 M14S 1400 M16S 1600 M18S 1800BRRP B £179.00 £182.00 £189.00 £201.00A £209.00 £2B69A.00• Two cable access ports• M8S & M10S have single cable access portAAAAA B HeighAt: 725mm A B A B AStraight Desk with Side Modesty PanelsMH14S 1400 MH16S 1600 MH18S 1800800 800 800BA£284.00£290.00£352.00BB BADBBEECH(B)MAPLE(M) BOAK(O) AAAAAABCStraight Desk with 2 Drawer PedestalCODE BA BBRRP£353.00 BBB• Two cable access ports C • 2 drawer  xed lockable pedestal DMH12P2S MH14P2S MH16P2S MH18P2S1200 800BB ABCAAABEECH(B)MAPLE(M)WHITE(WAH) WALNUT(W)CODEABMH12P3S 120B0 800 A• Two cable access portsCCBEECH(B)MAPLE(M)OAK(O)A A AA A B A A BBEECH(B)MAPLE(M)OAK(O) WHITE(WH) WALNUT(W) A B A BCODECBCBBB A B A RRP • Two cable access ports C BC160B0 MH18P23S 1800 800£453.00 B £516.00 BA• 2 and 3 drawer  xed lockable pedestalsMH16P23S800CODEMH16P33S MH18P33SAB B 160A0 800 1800 800AA RRP BABBBMAPLE(M)• Pedestals can be  tted to either sideBBBCB AAAB£365.00 £372.00 £434.00• Accepts A4 & foolBscap  les B AB1400 800 1600 800 1800 800• Pedestal can be  tted to left or right handABAAAAAAAA B B Height: 725mm BAAAAAABBAAAAB WHITE(WH) WALNUT(W) B B B Height: 725mm C B BAAAAAA800800800800 A 800A BA BDDBCCB8A00BEECH(B) MAPLE(MC) OAK(O) WHITE(WH) WALNUT(W)BBBBCODE A A B RRP MH12S B1200800 A£271.00• Two cable access portsABHeight: 725mmBWHITE(WH) WALNUT(W)CB B CCAA AAAAAABAAAABB ADDABACCB BACACAAABABBOAK(O) AABABABABABDDAACCBBBStraight Desk with 3 Drawer Pedestal BB CCBBMH14P3S 1400 800 MH16P3S B 1600 800 MH18P3S 1800 800 BA AA• Pedestal can be  tted to left or right hand AAB B B BCAACCCCCRRPB £353.00 B£365.00AAA A A £372.00ABAA £434.00BB B D B• 3 drawer  xed lockable pedestalBBBBAADDACCBStraight Desk with 2 and 2 Drawer Pedestals B CCBBBCODEMH16P22S MH18P22SBA B RRP B • Two cable access ports CCB AAAA • Two 2 drawer  xed lockable pedestals160B0 800 £453.00 BA A• Accepts A4 & foolscap  lesA1800 800 £516.00 A A AABBBBBBB DBABAAAAAABAABCA B B B HeighAt: 725mm AB AABB AAAAAAABBB Straight Desk with 2 and 3 DrawerD PedeDstals B B C C BAABEECH(B)Straight Desk with 3 and 3 Drawer PedestalsOAK(O) AOAK(O) WHITE(WH)WALNUT(W)£453.00A £516.00 B• Two 3 drawer  xed lockable pedestalsB A A A A• Accepts A4 & foolscap  lesA BABADBABWHITE(WH) WALNUT(W) A A B B AABBAABAAAABAA AB A AC A AA A B B Height: 725mm B BDDCCBBCBBCBBBBBA• Two cable access portsCCA ABBAA A A ABABAAAABDESKING 65 AAB ABB

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