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BEECH(B)All prices exclude VATMAPLE(M)OAK(O)A B B B Height: 725mmC AB BABBAStraight DeskBBCODE AMW8 800 MW10 1000 MW12 1200 MW14 1400 MW16 1600 MW18 1800B RRP800 £224.00800 £229.00 A• Two cable access ports• MW8 & MW10 has single cable access portCODE A BBM2W12P2 1200 800 M2W14P2 1400 800 M2W16P2 1600 800 M2W18P2 1800 800BEECH(B)BRRPB• Two cable access ports• Fixed 2 draweBr lockable pedestal B• Accepts A4 & foolscap  les• Pedestal can be  tted to left or right handCDBCODE B M2W16P22 M2W18P22BB RRP B• Two cable access portsBEECH(B)MAPLE(M)OAK(O)AAA WALNUT(W) ACODE B M2W16P23 M2W18P23A B1600 800 1800 800A RRP £500.00• Two cable access ports A AABBEECH(B)MAPLE(M)OAK(O)A A BBAAAAA ABBABBAADBAAAAAAMaestro 25 PL Panel leg deDD CC800 £237.00800 £246.00 B BBHeight: 725mm800 £256.00 800 £315.00BBBWHITE(WH)AB BCODE A B A RRP AM2W12P3 1200 800 £361.00AAM2W14P3 M2W16P3 M2W18P31400 800 B 1600 800 1800 800D AAAAAABBBsksB CCBBAAAAAABBCCWHITE(WH) WALNUT(W) ADDBCCBABEECH(B) MAPLE(M) OAK(O) AAAAAACCAABAB Straight Desk with 2 Drawer Pedestal +A Silver Handles AA£361.00£370.00£377.00£440.00WALNUT(BW) B B Height: 725mm B BBA AAAAAAMAPLE(M) OAK(O) AAABABAAB CDDCBCCBB BStraight Desk with 3 Drawer Pedestal + Silver Handles• Two cable access ports A AAAB BBCCA BB• Fixed 3 drawer lockable pedestalAABAB£370.00 B • Pedestal can be  tted to left or right hand A £377.00 A B B£440.00B B B B B Height: 725mm C A B ABWALNUT(W) B BBEECH(B)Straight Desk withA 2 + 2 Drawer Pedestals + Silver Handles AMAPLE(M) OAK(O) AAAABAAWHITE(WH)CDDCBCCBBA BABA B1600 800 1800 800BWHITE(WH)£500.00 B £562.00B B• Fixed double 2 drawer lockable pedestalsDBAACCAAAAAA£562.00BB B Height: 725mmBA• Accepts A4 & fBoolscap  les BAAAABACAABAABBBA Height: 725mm B BB AABABABAABBWHITE(WH)B• Accepts A4 & fBoolscap  les B ABBC D DA C B A C C B B B BStraight Desk with 2 + 3 Drawer Pedestals + Silver HandlesCCABBAA BABAAAA• Fixed 2 and 3 drawer lockable pedestalsD AAAAAAABAB WALNUT(W) B CBABAAB AAAABAACDDCBBCCBB B AACBCBAStraight Desk withA3 + 3 Drawer PedesAtals + Silver Handles ACODE B M2W16P33 M2W18P33A B1600 800 1800 800BWHITE(WH)RRP B • Two cable access ports A D B • BFixed double 3 drawer lockable pedestalsBABBAABAAAABB£500.00 BB£562.00 A A AABAAABAWALNUT(W) ABABBBABBBBBABABAAAB A CAABBAADESKING 71CCCCCCCBBAA

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