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CC2 Drawers £198.00 3 Drawers £198.00CODER2M R3MA B426 600 426 600DRAWERS RRP• R2M 1  ling drawer & 1 shallow drawer • Accepts both A4 & foolscap Files• Lockable• CastorsAAAAAABB CCDuoPanel leg desking - Storag2 and 3 Drawer Mobile PedestalsR25DH6 426 600 R25DH8 426 800£283.00BB 120°B AAACAAAAAWALNUT(W)DDBCCBeDDBCCB CCBBACACBBB B A 120°AAAAA • R3M with 3 shallow drawersWALNUT(W) B C Height: 567mm• LockableB BA BBWHITE(WH)A A • Castors B CAAAAAADesk High Pedestal A A A A BBBAAB B • 2 box and 1  ling drawer CODEABRRP B BDBBBB C Height: 725mmB• Fully lockable with adjustable feet £309.00 A • Accepts both A4 and foolscap  lesWHITE(WH)AA BBBCBABBCACAAAAAAAAAAABDDBCCB CCBBAASlim Line and Tall Mobile Pedestals A ABABAAA A A BB B B CODEDADBDRAWERSRRPTNMP 300 600 3 Drawers £283.0B0• TNMP 3 shallow drawers C ACBD• LockableBB B CCBBTMP 426 600 3 Drawers £293.00 • Castors AACCB• TMP 2 shallow and 1  ling drawer • Accepts both A4 & foolscap FilesAAAABCCCC78BB B B AAAB B • Desk high B CODE A B DESCRIPTION RRPBBB 120° BACAAWHITE(WH) ABB 120°WALNUT(W)BCHeight: 630mmWALNUT(W)AWHITE AND WALNUT(D) A• 1 adjustable shelf• Can be used as desk end storageABBB CBCAA Deluxe Desk High BookcaseBBB• Lockable • CastorsBA AAAAAABAABBB BAAAABBBCABAAAABAA BBBDAAAABABAA DHBC 800 600 Bookcase £146.00 • 600mm deep unit B• 1 adjustable shelfADDACCABB • Can be used as desk end storagBeWALNUT(W)ACA AA ACBAABAAC BCCWHITE(WH)BB 120°BABBDBB Height: 725mm B B B B BBBAACAAB AABAll prices exclude VATBAAAAAA ABBABBBBABDeluxe Double Door Cupboard BB C AABBBCCODE A B A DESCRIPTION RRP A • Desk highBADHCCWHITE(WH)800 600ABBB Height: 725mmDouble Door £206.00 ABBA BABBDAA• 600mm deep unit BAA• Cupboards are fully lockable •SuppliedAwithhandles AA B BBBB ABCAABA BBAAA B AAB

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