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MaestroCAommercial desAking range - CantAilever leg A A A DDBCCBDesk with 2 and 3 Drawer Pedestals C CBCODE AB RRP• Cantilever frame• Two cable access ports• 2 and 3 drawer  xed pedestals • Accepts A4 & foolscap  lesB CCBC7P23 1786BC6P23 1532 746 £444.00BEECH(B)OAK(O)A• Pedestal can be  tted to either side AAAAAABEECH(B) OAK(O)A A AB Height: 725mm B BBABBCC6P33 C7P33BEECH(B)1532 746 1786 746A£444.00 £470.00•TwocableaccessBports B • Two 3 drawer  xed pedestalsBOAK(O)B1786746• Two 2 drawer  xed pedestals • Accepts A4 & foolscap  les746 £470.00B B B Height: 725mm AAAAAACADDCBCCBB ABDesk with 2 and 2 Drawer PedestalsAAAACA CCODEC6P22 C7P22B A B B 1532 746BRRP£444.00 £470.00BBABB• Cantilever frame• Two cable access portsDBAAABBBBA CAABA A A B B • Cantilever frameACODEABBRRPB ABDBBAAAAAAAAB CDDBCBCBCBB BAAADesk with 3 and 3 Drawer Pedestals A BCB AAAACAAAAAB B AAABBHeight: 725mmBBBBBBBCCCCAll prices exclude VATADESKING85Left Hand Ergonomic DeskA ABAAAAAABCODEME15L ME18LBEECH(B)A B1524 600 1778 600OAK(O)C D RRP1150 746 A £367.00 1150 746 A£416.00• Cantilever frame B B • Two cable aAccess portsBABBBRight Hand Ergonomic DeskCODE A BA BBB B• Cantilever frameME15R ME18RBEECH(B)1524 600 1778 600OAK(O)• Two cable access portsABBBADBA ABBBAAARRP 1150 746 £367.00BBAAAAAAC DB1150 746 A£416.00 A BBBAC Height: 725mm D DACA A AB A AB ABABABA CABBBBBABAC AAAAAAD D Height: 725mm CABBBBBAAABBA AAAB AAB BBBAACBA AC C AAACABBBBBADB ABBABBADBB BBB BC CBBACC

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