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Encore podMeeting pod seating123 YEAR YEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANTY WARRANTY48 YEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANTYSeat WidthOverall WidthSeat DepthOverall Depthforming a virtual room within a larger open space. The clean, modern lines of the Encore high back seating  x together with a table and power supply to provide an enclosed visual and acoustic space, to accommodate working groups and teams with exceptional comfort and practicality.10 6 7 essential private area in any busy wYEoArRk place YbEyAR YEARThe Encore Pod has been designed to offer thatWARRANTY WARRANTY• Deep-foamed seat construction with two-tone fabric options• Choice of chrome  nish or solid oak leg frame• Choice of medium or large footprint sizes and 4 or 6 seater pods • Available with integrated power supply built in to the frameWARRANTYENC04 - TABLE 1200w x 600-400dENC05- TABLE 1200w x 900-700dENC06 - TABLE 1600w x 600-400dENC07 - TABLE 1600w x 900-700dEdge detail - StraightTable tops -For White suf x 1, for Summer oak suf x 2, for Biella walnut suf x 3 e.g. EC04-WF-1 - 4 seater, wooden feet with a white tableFinishMade to order Bands A,B,C,D&E5YEAR WARRANTY322All prices exclude VAT

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